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Welcome to

COPD Canada


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease



Currently the 4th leading cause of death and projected to be #3 by 2020.



According to Statistics Canada,  and with figures gathered between 2009 - 2011,  there was   1.3M   "reported"  (diagnosed) cases of COPD in Canada,  and in  excess of    4M   Canadians with a lung function indicative of this  disease.


 Map source:  Govt. of Canada



 Help yourself  by learning to live with COPD, not  simply  "suffering from."


Patients, caregivers, family members, the general public, clinicians, students, organizations.....  everyone can learn and benefit from the information herein. 




To Patients....

You Are  NOT Alone!!!



Everything begins with education.

   Hopefully this site will be a start for you.




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