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COPD Drug Names & Equivalents

The purpose of this list is to understand the drug names (equivalent) of what someone from another country is talking about when being discussed on the forums or when reading on the internet.  It is not intended as a reference as to what each drug does or what it may be prescribed for.  

Feel free to copy and paste into your own document and print it off or store on your computer.

The drug names below are listed alphabetically  in the left hand column, reading down.


Their generic or the equivalent name (in another country) is listed as you read across to the right


I.E. Albuterol (reading from L to R) also known as Proventil, Ventolin,  and Salbutamol.



Generic is shown in lower case. ADC's Drug Names are also included.

My many thanks to all who contributed; especially Vic (a fellow COPD patient)  who overhauled a fair bit and updated it on January 25th, 2010.




Albuterol Proventil Ventolin Salbutamol
Advair Flovent & Serevent Seretide (ADC)  
Atrovent  ipratopium bromide  Ipravent (ADC)  
Brovana arformoterol inhalation solution    
Combivent Salbutamol & ipratopium bromide  Duolin (ADC)  
Duolin (ADC)  Salbutamol & ipratopium bromide Combivent  
Flixotide Flovent fluticasone  Flohale (ADC)
Flohale (ADC) Flixotide Flovent fluticasone
Flovent fluticasone  Flixotide Flohale (ADC)
Flovent & Serevent Advair Seretide (ADC)  
Fomtide (ADC) Symbicort formoterol & Budesonide
Formoterol Foratec (ADC)  
Ipratopium bromide  
Atrovent  Ipravent (ADC)  
Ipratopium bromide & Salbutamol Combivent Duolin (ADC)  
Ipravent (ADC) Atrovent    
Oxeze Oxis    
Oxis Oxeze    
Prednizone Prednisone Prednisoline  
Proventil  albuterol Ventolin Salbutamol
Pulmicort budesonide Budecort (ADC)  
beclomethasone    dipropionate Beclate 100 (ADC)  
Rhinocort Aqua budesonide nasal spray    
Rhinocort budesonide    
albuterol  Ventolin Proventil
Seretide (ADC) Advair    
Serevent  Serobid (ADC)    
Serobid (ADC) Serevent    
Singulair  Montair (ADC)    
tiotropium Tiova (ADC)  


Foradil & budesonide formoterol & budesonide Fomtide(ADC)   Foracort         (ADC)
Theo 24 theophylline Theobid 200 (or 300) SR (ADC)  Theoday 600 (ADC)
Tiova (ADC) Spiriva tiotropium  
Ventolin albuterol Salbutamol Proventil



The above list has not been checked for complete accuracy.  Always check with your Dr. or pharmacist.






This page was last updated  January 25th, 2010





















































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