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Talking to Your Dr ....

By now you've determined you have a problem.  You've worked up the courage (and possibly the need from a breathing perspective) and you've made the appointment. 

I know; it's a dirty job and it's not always an easy thing to do;  with some it's darn near impossible.... but; you have to.

Be kind to him/her..

Did you know that in the province of Nova Scotia GP's are re-imbursed less for a regular office visit than what a person normally pays for an oil change?  (adjusted -after overheads i.e. nurses, phone heat benefits etc Out of that re-imbursement all of their overheads  have to be covered.)  It only stands to reason that they need to see more patients on a daily basis to earn a living.

Maybe it's worse in YOUR province.

The reality is: They're not Gods, they're not experts in every field; they can't be.  Sometimes it's more like a "Jack of all Trades".  So much emphasis is placed on them.  Too much.  Quite often they're simply facilitators. 

Then there are those.....well; you know which ones.

Please; help yourself by helping them and make the most of your visits  with a checklist of questions.  It's even better  if someone is with you and can jot down the answers.


On to the Questions:


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