Doctors Treating Fatal Lung Disease Encounter a Challenge: Some Patients Are Dishonest About Vaping

Fatal Lung Disease Encounter a Challenge

As supported by eMixologies doctors, a bigger percentage of people with this disease end-up in the intensive care unit. Despite the disease becoming slow in its progress, the US is still experiencing devastation. An average of two hundred new cases in a week is no joke. An example is whereby a patient aged seventeen years underwent a transplant of both lungs while another aged forty years succumbed due to organ failure.

Patients Lying

In terms of health, never tell a lie to your doctor. There is a mystery being unveiled by doctors about patients hiding the truth about Vaping behavior. Many who are ailing from a lung disease related to vaping, lie hence making investigations difficult. Tentatively, the lung disease has being entitled EVALI and it has made many young men sick. This has caused a national crisis in the public health sector in the USA.

The Possible Culprit

A tracing made by health officials has revealed that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is being used in vaping. The possible culprit has been identified to be vitamin E oil. Dr. S. Aberegg declared that people who deny vaping and those using THC are the ones who suffer from this fatal lung disease. So as to reduce fear to the patients who might fear to disclose about THC vaping, no prosecution against them has been declared.

Many People Lie

It becomes very difficult for most people to disclose humiliating personal information. Not only using THC in vaping but also other unhealthy habits like alcohol intake. Based on research conducted in 4510 adults, sixty to eighty percent accepted to have kept quiet about crucial information. During such denial, this makes it difficult for doctors to deal with the disease precisely.

Negative Stigma

Most people suffering from this lung disease have personal reasons for not sharing THC usage or if they vape. This is because the federal term it as illegal hence cannot be considered to be mainstream. Negative stigma has pushed patients to deny THC usage until traces are identified in their bodies after lab tests. However, some accept the usage of nicotine or even both.

Significant information

Key information should be identified because it is difficult to know the number of people hiding information. Doctors are discovering that vaping patients become more worried when they experience lung disease symptoms. Symptoms include fever, chest pain, or nausea. This is what pushes them to disclose what they use in vaping. Being nonjudgmental in questioning is a good route to get important information form a patient.

Drug testing

Some patients deny the truth until doctors discover THC after doing a test. A good example is a twenty-year-old man who was under the care of Dr. Aberegg. He had given false information about using cannabidiol (CBD). However, after a nonjudgmental discussion, the young man accepted to be using THC.


Health and well-being are very important therefore EVOLI patients are advised to tell the truth about vaporing and what the vape. This increases the chances of recovery as treatment is directed to the appropriate problem. Wrong treatment might lead to death in most fatal situations.

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