Here at COPD Canada Patient Network, we look at patients as more than just customers.

COPD Canada Patient Network is a community that bridges the gap between the patients and the healthcare partners, allowing more effective communication between the two parties. Our aim is to empower patients by providing them the ability to give feedback. This effort also gives the healthcare partners a chance to understand areas where they can improve on.

We get to work with the healthcare partners to improve the overall healthcare system of the country and bring value to the voices of the patients. Everybody wins!

Who We Work With

Our healthcare partners include health organizations, related NGOs, and health regulatory bodies that all share the same goal as we do. As we are associated with these different entities, we know who to look for when we need help in making changes in the healthcare system as per feedback from patients.

How We Help Patients

First, we make patients our partners. Not only the patients themselves but also the families and everyone involved with the respective patients. We create educational programs for caretakers and family members on how to better care for the patients and also give support to patients regarding their individual situations.