If you decide to join COPD, you are willingly taking the mantle of COPD and acting on our behalf. As a volunteer, you have obligations to us as we, as an organization, have obligations to you as well. Below is our Volunteer’s Agreement which must be agreed upon and signed before you can officially be a part of our team:

Volunteer’s Obligations:

  • Volunteers must respect each member of the organization and treat them with courtesy and proper decorum
  • Volunteers must not engage in any harassing or discriminating behavior
  • Volunteers must discuss any conflicts of interest before joining
  • Volunteers must fulfill all commitments promised to COPD
  • Volunteers must follow all rules and policies in the general handbook of conduct
  • Volunteers must treat all data received in the organization with the utmost confidentiality
  • Volunteers must take responsibility for any breach of information that may have happened at their watch
  • Volunteers must sign a separate NDA by the respective healthcare partners they will work with
  • Volunteers must not disclose any information from the company even if they leave

COPD’s Obligations:

  • COPD will treat all volunteers with decorum, respect, and courtesy
  • COPD will always discuss commitments before giving volunteers tasks
  • COPD will always keep you informed about the latest news in the organization via website, social media, texts, etc.
  • COPD will provide training before letting you engage in any tasks
  • COPD will ensure your safety and privacy while working in the organization
  • COPD will support any concerns that you may have while working in the organization