What Does a Patient Partner Do?

Patient partners will get to participate in a whole range of activities that promote growth and change. Here are a few specific activities that you’ll be able to participate in:

You get to be a part of the advisory committee

We have a special advisory committee that discusses ideas and how to implement them. If you’re part of this team, you’ll get to make decisions on the programs and possible development activities for healthcare.

You’ll be in working groups that make use of your strengths

Everyone has to do their part for a change. If you have a skill that can be used for this change, you can be a part of a team that has similar skills. Together, you and your group members will work in order to achieve the desired goal.

You’ll share your experiences and take surveys

In order to gather data for presentation to healthcare partners, we first make our partners participate in surveys and focus groups. This allows us to get data in a systematic manner wherein we can collate the feedback of our members.

You will coordinate with the healthcare providers

Lastly, you will help us coordinate with the healthcare providers. Once we have gotten data and feedback from surveys and focus groups, we will communicate the findings to our healthcare partners. From there, we can work together with the healthcare providers to create the plan for proposed improvements.

Do you have any more questions about becoming a Patient Partner? You may visit the FAQ section of our page or Contact Us directly for immediate assistance.