Engagement Opportunity Process

The basic idea behind our effort is to simply connect the patient partner to the healthcare provider via engagement opportunities that can allow them to work together.

But how exactly do we do that?

Through years of experience in understanding healthcare, we have come up with a systematic process that allows us to get things done in the most effective and efficient way. Here is our step-by-step process:

Step 1: Train the Patient Partner

Before we send our patient partner into the field, we train them first. Healthcare providers will always have opportunities that are waiting to be fulfilled. Before we connect the patient partner with those opportunities, we need to make sure they’re prepared first.

Step 2: Discuss Opportunities with the Healthcare Partner

At the same time, we aim to create as many opportunities as possible. This involves the cooperation of the healthcare partners that we have. We first discuss aspects that need work. From there, we coordinate with the healthcare partner in planning the opportunity and brainstorm on how the patient partner can engage with the healthcare partner via this opportunity.

Step 3: Post the Opportunities on the Website

Once we have the opportunities ready, we post them on the website for all the patient partners to see. This allows the patient partners a chance to apply for the opportunities.

Step 4: Screen Out the Best for the Job

Just like with a job application, patient partners are also screened in order for us to pick the people that are most suited for the job. We go through the application of each applicant and then connect them to the respective healthcare provider.

Step 5: Follow Up on the Patient Partners

Once the patient partners are connected to the healthcare partners, we support them from the back. We provide support and assistance if needed. We also get feedback from both parties so that we can further improve our process.