Mission, Vision, and Values

Our organization started with a single vision for better healthcare. Then it evolved into a mission for change. From there, we developed the values that every person in our organization follows.


Our vision is for the communication gap between healthcare partners and patients is bridged through effective communication and efficient action.


Our mission is to be the bridge between patients and healthcare partners giving patients the ability to properly engage with the healthcare partners about any concerns patients have regarding the healthcare system.


Our values are:


For us, honesty is always the best policy. That’s why we treasure transparency and openness when it comes to working with our partners.


Our line of work requires the utmost cooperation and teamwork from our own people and our partners. We believe that teamwork is the driving factor in improvement.


We value each opinion from both our healthcare partners and our patient partners. It is only through the exchange of feedback that we can help come up with more innovative solutions for improving the healthcare system.

Patient Partners

Anyone can become a patient partner with us! As long as you have experience with interacting with the healthcare system and have a passion for change, we’ll gladly welcome you!

Here at COPD, we accept anyone no matter what background or age you come from. In fact, we have partners from various industries such as business, teaching, entertainment, advertising, and many more. We even have students and senior citizens helping us out.

The only requirement that we have is that you live in Canada. If you’re a resident, we’d love to have you with us.