Empathy In Healthcare: The Patient-and-Family-Centered


From the Hippocratic Oath alone, we can understand that the healthcare profession is a people-centered one instead of an institute-centered one. Of course, there are many who still sway to the conventional style of providing healthcare and veer away from first serving the people.

However, the patient-and-family-centric approach can be considered the true form of healthcare practice because it goes back to the roots of what healthcare is all about– helping people. They take into account the health impacts on the entire family and not just the patient. If you really want to create an impact and save a person’s life by taking care of his or her health, then it is important to first see that patient as a partner and not as a simple customer.

The goal is to help patients get back to their optimal, healthy state and the only way to do that is to understand them and know exactly what they need. In order to do that, you need to practice the following:

Understand the Patient

Interaction is extremely important when it comes to treating patients. You will create an impact on your patient by understanding his or her human experiences. If you have empathy for your patients, they will always look for you.

Educate Your Patient

You’ll want your patient and his or her family members to always stay healthy. The way to do that is through healthcare education. That way, your patient and his or her family will know how to make proper medical decisions.

By practicing these simple things, you’ll already be forming a bond with your patient. And that’s the most important thing to do if you’re a healthcare practitioner.

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