Overview of Lung Incidents

The U.S. CDC and FDA are working with various states in investigating alarming occurrences of critical respiratory illnesses linked to the use of vaping packs. Valuable information awareness resources are provided by the FDA in protecting the consumers of these harmful products which are available online.


The CDC, FDA, and federal and state organizations have combined their diligent efforts in identifying the specific substances and products that are causing respiratory illnesses.

FDA is meticulously analyzing submitted samples for the presence of a wide range of chemicals, including cannabinoids, nicotine, THC alongside diluents, additives, toxins, heavy metals, poisons, and opioids.

Preliminary FDA Lab Analysis

Laboratory findings provided vital information on the reportedly different uses of substances, products, and patterns. Submitted tested samples may indicate that there are several causes of lung injuries.

Essential Information and Resources for Consumers

Vape products must not be used by teens, pregnant women, young adults, and adults.

Adults are advised not to use e-cigarette products as a substitute for tobacco or cigarette smoking, instead avail of the FDA-approved smoking cessation medicine. They must contact their healthcare providers if they need assistance in ceasing the addictive habit of smoking and ask for information about e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury (EVALI).

Vitamin E acetate must not be added to any vape products or e-cigarette. The public is warned not to mix any other substances not indicated by the manufacturer specifically brandless products purchased through retail markets. Cocktail of Vitamin E acetate and controlled substances have destructive and deadly health effects.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been linked to an extensive variety of negative health effects, specifically with prolonged habitual use. It is advised to abstain from using THC containing products of vape.

Individuals engaging in the use of cannabis that leads to consequential health ailments should seek treatment from a health care specialist.

Any health complaints or illness experienced after using the vape products, one must immediately contact the health care provider or call their domestic poison center at 1-800-222-1222.

If one is smoking tobacco and suddenly experiencing a negative health issue, report it online using the Safety Reporting Portal. The report must also include any product from tobacco, cigars, or e-cigarettes.

Advisement for Healthcare Providers

FDA and CDC recommend clinicians to communicate probable cases of EVALI to their district health departments for further examination to obtain precise identification of cases of respiratory diseases.

If products of the vape are suspected as the probable cause of an individual’s lung ailment, the following must be obtained and executed as per CDC Health Advice:

Specified history of used substances

Sources of the product

Devices used

Gather information on any other remaining liquids, product, or vape devices available for testing

Contact the domestic poison control center

Report to Safe Reporting Portal (SRP) for any particular vape product details, they are responsible for streamlining the process of reporting product safety issues to the National Institutes of Health and FDA

Information for Health Departments of various States

FDA is grateful to all State Health Departments for their relentless and diligent efforts, communication, and collaboration on prompt reporting of numerous cases of EVALI.

FDA and CDC are collaborating in analyzing vape products to provide awareness and comprehension into the nature of chemical exposure leading to the lung injury outbreak.

For more details about the submission and collection of e-cigarette and vape products associated with potential cases for feasible testing, and vapor emissions testing, communicate with


The CDC, FDA, federal, and state associates are all dedicated to taking prompt, significant, and suitable actions in gathering vital information in understanding the relationship between the reported illnesses and the identified specific substances and products that contribute to the lung injury outbreak.

Essential cooperation among the tobacco, vape enthusiasts, and concerned government agencies is required in our mission of promoting a vape and tobacco-free healthy environment.

Stop smoking and save your precious lungs!

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